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The WVMA is the only entity that advocates for Wyoming veterinarians. Your membership gives our profession a voice.

Did You Know?

The WVMA retains a lobbyist year-round to actively monitor all legislation that may affect veterinarians. With the lobbyist serving as our eyes and ears at the Capitol during the legislative session and the interim, we can be proactive in the legislative process. Through the work of the lobbyist, the WVMA board members and the executive director of the WVMA, the WVMA has advocated for Wyoming veterinarians within the state legislature for the past many years.   

The Wyoming Legislature is a 93-member citizen legislature,
meaning the members elected serve part-time and this is typically not the members’ primary occupation. Wyoming remains one of the few states that have a true part-time citizen legislature. While the part-time nature of the institution allows members to stay in close contact with their constituents, it also means that they do not enjoy the same accommodations provided to full-time legislators in larger states, such as personal staff.

Senate and House

Article 3, Section 1 of the Wyoming Constitution states that “the legislative power shall be vested in a senate and a house of representatives …” There are 31 legislators elected to the Wyoming Senate and 62 legislators elected to the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Legislative Sessions

The Legislature meets in a General Session in odd numbered years, beginning on the second Tuesday of January. The General Session is limited to 40 legislative days. In even numbered years, the Legislature convenes in a Budget Session beginning on the second Monday of February, which typically lasts 20 legislative days. Except for the budget bill, all other bills require a two-thirds vote from the Senate or House for introduction during a Budget Session. 

Legislative Session Future Start Dates
  • 2024 Budget Session - February 12
  • 2025 General Session - January 14
  • 2026 Budget Session - February 9
  • 2027 General Session - January 12

 Historical Facts about Wyoming’s Legislative Sessions

State Advocacy

There are several ways to make your concerns known to your legislators. E-mail, call, or write your legislators; testify at the legislature, or talk to your legislators during their visits home.

Find Your Legislator 

Past and Current Legislation

Attending a Committee Meeting

Federal Advocacy

The AVMA represents the interests of veterinarians through strategically targeted advocacy in Congress, with regulatory agencies, and before the courts. The AVMA works as a trusted partner to complement the advocacy work of the WVMA.

AVMA Advocacy

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